Value-added research

Research is at the centre of Gilbert Dupont’s expertise. The research department specialises in French Small and Midcaps and considers that a close relationship with companies is a key element for success. Nonetheless, the stocks covered are also analysed in their European or even global context. Whilst specialised along sector lines, the analysts in the research department are imbued with a strong stock-picking culture.

Gilbert Dupont’s sphere of research encompasses all French stocks other than those that form part of the CAC 40 and Next 20 indices. The universe of stocks covered by Gilbert Dupont covers around 150 companies, added to which is a «watch list» of around 50 companies.

Gilbert Dupont’s research, which is aimed exclusively at institutional investors, is available via the company’s website and circulated via most of the specialist channels (Bloomberg, Thomson Financial etc).

As the Gilbert Dupont research department only specialises on the Small & Midcaps segment, all the stocks featured in the universe of companies followed by Gilbert Dupont are subject to a truly permanent coverage.

The quality of Gilbert Dupont’s research is regularly recognised by the specialist rating agencies (AQ, Starmine and Thomson Extel).

Independent and impartial

Gilbert Dupont’s teams are not tied to any exclusivity agreements with corporate finance teams, internal or external. Their decisions about whether or not to participate in any market operation are taken completely independently and are based on the interests of their investor clients. Furthermore, Gilbert Dupont does not take any proprietary positions.


In order to grasp a good understanding of the key elements behind the success of the stocks Gilbert Dupont follows, our teams go out into the field. Where possible they endeavour to meet the competitors, the clients and the suppliers to the companies followed so that they can improve their sources of information and provide a real value-added product to our clients.


Other than providing simple maintenance coverage of the stocks followed, the research department also aims to promote investment ideas. The analysts at Gilbert Dupont do not hesitate to challenge conventional wisdom. They set themselves the task of finding the Blue Chips of tomorrow and, with this in mind, they generally put greater emphasis on discerning the long-term «story» on companies than dissecting one-off financial performances. Analysts, sales people and the management jointly contribute to seeking out the best investment opportunities.


The industry expertise of Gilbert Dupont’s analysts, their experience in handling the problems associated with Small and Midcaps and the care they attach to analysis leads them to take a broader view of the messages given by companies.

In addition, the stock market recommendations given by Gilbert Dupont’s research department are based on the results arising from the application of a strict methodology (valuation and investment case).